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Belt Alliance

 The Belt Alliance is a small system defense force supported by the colonies based on Orion III, IV, and VII in the Orion System (Ross 614 B). The Belt Alliance was created for mutual defense against external threats in the absence of Earth Alliance Forces. Additionally, they are an enforcement arm of colonial starports, capturing suspected smugglers, raiders, and "skippers" (ships who try to avoid jumpgate usage fees). Belt Alliance ships also serve as additional protection for Minbari diplomatic envoys and Centauri cargo haulers entering and exiting the system. Belt Alliance is the common form of the "Belt of Orion Mutual Defense Alliance."

  • Belt Alliance Slang Terms:
  • Boo-Boos Underground term for Alliance pilots. Comes from B elt O f O rion.
  • Splash Bait Earth Force slang for Alliance pilots.
  • Zepplins Alliance Pilot slang for Earth Force Starfury pilots (as in "full of hot air").

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