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Species: Unknown

Sex:  Male

Homeworld: Unknown (Euphrates?)

Profession: Technician/"Beast of Burden"

 How Zathras and his people came to be on Epsilon 3 is a complete mystery. More mysterious is the fact that Zathras is but one of several brothers, all of whom look the same and are all named Zathras. Of all the station attendants, Zathras had been working on the Great Machine (and survived) the longest.

 In 2258, Zathras was discovered aboard Babylon 4 when it halted its time travel briefly to allow its crew to escape. Interrogated by Major Krantz and Commander Sinclair, Zathras said he came from the year 4993, but he didn't know what year that is to humans. Time distortions ripped throughout the station allowing Zathras to escape. Following the hairy alien, they found him giving "the One" a device. Soon after a beam pinned Zathras to the deck. With the distortions growing in intensity, the humans on the station were forced to leave Zathras behind. They thought he died when the station resumed its time travel. They didn't know the whole story.

 In August, 2260, the time rift in Sector 14 (Tigris System) was enlarged by the Machine to allow the capture of Babylon 4. A small team of humans and Minbari (Entil'zha Sinclair, Delenn, Ranger Marcus Cole, Commander Ivanova, and Captain Sheridan) were joined by Zathras. The cargo bay of his transport was filled with temporal displacement and stabilization equipment (in addition to other devices for use on the journey backwards in time). While repairing a time stabilizer belonging to Captain Sheridan, Zathras was captured by B4 station security and incarcerated. When station's crew departed, Zathras was saved by the One who Is, Delenn -- who had replaced Sheridan, giving him her stabilizer.

 Zathras did not return to 2260. Instead he tagged along with Sinclair to the past, where they shared many adventures.

 [Played by Tim Choate]

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