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Universal Church of Solar Illumination

"O Lord, who is our Lord alone, please listen to our plea. For we have lived among the heathen too long, O Lord. We have abandoned your words, and forsaken your teachings, and given ourselves up to the devils. But we repent our sins, and return our souls and our love to you. For we now know that man was made in your image alone; and that your image is not in those who do not bear our image. We are the chosen people, and no other. Amen!" - Rev. Bobby James Galaxy, 2260

 The Universal Church of Solar Illumination (UCSI) was begun as a scam by the Reverend Bobby James Galaxy in 2260. Following a long tradition of fleecing the desperate and spiritually needy, UCSI preyed on the prejudice of the Lurkers on Babylon 5 and the appearance of the Worm that was approaching the station.

 While not on the scale of the holovangelists, UCSI gathered a following of around one-thousand people. Helping the Reverend were twelve green-robed disciples (former street toughs) who eagerly carried collection plates.

 Reverend Galaxy promised that an Age of Renewal was coming and

 the Worm was God himself come to bring it. He advocated lethal force against aliens to prepare the way for God. The effects of the Worm's passing caused Galaxy to believe his words, and he swayed many people, including Fermi's Angels, to help him destroy the station. After the passing of the Worm, Galaxy was imprisoned and continued his "ministry" from behind bars, with backing from HomeGuard.

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