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Fermi's Angels

"Lord, who art Lord of all bikers everywhere, know that we do honor you when we ride. As ye made all men, so too did you make all physics; as ye made bikers, so too did ye make possible their bikes. For this we thank you, and honor you, and defend you all through the day, every day. Amen." - Fermi's Creed

 Fermi's Angels is a fundamentalist, plasma-cycle riding organization. All members are physicists of differing levels of education. Their organizational structure is based upon the motorcycle gangs of the 20th century, namely Hell's Angels. Their other influence is Enrico Fermi (1901 - 1954), an Italian born nuclear physicist. Fermi won the Nobel Peace Prize in

 physics in 1938. One year later he emigrated to the United States and taught at Columbia University. His work as part of the Manhattan Project led to the first controlled nuclear chain reaction.

 Fermi's Angels seek spirituality in every known (and unknown) particle and subparticle. The existence of such things is proof that God exists.

 Members wear leather jackets with the Fermi's Angels insignia plascopied to the back. Their helmets (if worn) have painted halos circling the top. Members traditionally take on new names taken from the periodic table of elements.

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