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Ti Kar

PSYCHOLOGY:  Wide open spaces make the Ti Kar feel at ease; reminding them of the endless plains of their homeworld. This need has entered into their design philosophy as the Ti Kar space vessels are known for the almost Gothic heights.

 Ti Kar, as a whole, have an almost innate mathematical ability. Many Ti Kar are excellent programmers. linguists, and theoreticians.

CULTURE:  Proper etiquette when meeting with an alien delegation requires that the meeting place be laid out according to exact specifications. Six yarwood chairs are to be arranged one meter apart in a star shape. A heloc is placed on the center chair.

HISTORY:  In the early 2250's the Ti Kar encountered a primitve human vessel, the Agammemnon. It took several days for the humans to decode their language, but when they did, the Ti Kar allowed a small party to stay with them on their spacious ship. Since then, relations between Earth and the Ti Kar have been slightly better than neutral. In 2259, the Ti Kar sent a delegation to Babylon 5 to discuss their possible joining the Babylon Council.

GOVERNMENT:  Ti Korval is the given title of a Ti Kar ambassador.

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