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 "Tradition is important to my culture. Our important agreements are symbolic of our coming together in perfect union... We will conclude this deal in the traditional manner. We will have sex." - Ambassador Correlilmurzon, 2259 C.E.

PHYSIOLOGY: The Lumati are divided into at least two races: the Higher Lumati and the Lower Lumati. At one point the Lumati were one species, however, long term strict segregation has caused a slight evolutionary divergence in the Lumati. Higher Lumati appear to have traits considered by their culture to be "superior"; for example tall stature or psychic ability. Those Lumati born with defects (physical, mental, or even a trait deemed culturally inferior) were relegated to the Lower Lumati. To preserve racial purity, only

Higher Luminati bred with other Higher Luminati. The Lower Luminati were not eradicated since the Higher Luminati needed a worker base while they pursued higher ideals. Over time, this has created a symbiotic relationship between the two Lumati races.

 Enough similarities exist between humans and the Lumati for sexual intercourse to take place (However, for such a union to produce offspring would possibly involve genetic alteration).

PSI ABILITY: It appears that the Lumati have a specialized symbiotic telepathic relationship  (intracultural symbiosis), with the Higher Lumati as the "sender" and the Lower Lumati the "receiver." It is unknown whether it is a two-way communication.

PSYCHOLOGY:   The Lumati believe themselves to be superior to most other races. They will only work with other races that are sufficiently advanced or have similar cultures. For a Higher Lumati to directly speak to an inferior (or unknown) race without a servitor would case him to lose face.

CULTURE:  Tradition is very important to the average Lumati (possibly only the Higher Lumati). When dealing with other races deemed to be inferior, the Lumati will use a translator (a Lower Lumati servitor). The Lumati hold evolution in the highest regard and seek to neither help nor harm its progress. To interfere with evolution would pollute the genetic pool. Many Lumati are sure that eventually everyone will see the validity of their beliefs with time.

 When the Lumati recognize another culture to be similar enough to their own, they may wish to propose an alliance. All important alliances are symbolic with coming together in perfect union with the other race. The traditional manner of closing such an agreement is by having sex (i.e. The two main negotiators (regardless of gender) consummate the deal in both a legal and physical manner).

 GOVERNMENT: The Lumati formed an alliance with Earth in 2259 and joined the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

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