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Live Eaters

PHYSIOLOGY:  An armor-like skin protects Live Eaters from the sulfuric acid atmosphere they evolved in. Their skin is red in coloration with blue/yellow spots covering their back and head. Surrounding their slit mouth are feeding tentacles (much like pak'ma'ra). Their eyes are protected by a thick transparent shield secreted by glands surrounding the eye.

PSYCHOLOGY:  Live Eaters, while not resenting other species, blithely ignore an alien individual's rights. When an outside participant is needed for a ceremony, they do not hesitate to resort to trickery.

CULTURE: Feast and Dissolution Ceremony: This ceremony is only enacted during times when the thought of other races becomes too unbearable and one desires to achieve peace. Custom states that the celebrants should invite an outsider to participate in the ceremony, although it is not necessary to have one present. At the initiation of the leader, the participants begin to eat their facial tentacles. Once they break through the tough protective skin the atmosphere begins to dissolve them from the inside. The leader joins soon after.

GOVERNMENT:  The Live Eaters were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.(but not actively).


NOTES:  Live Eaters are so rarely seen that they have gained an almost mythical reputation, much like the Soul Hunters.

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