"We all have our Keepers." - Emperor Mollari, 2278

PHYSIOLOGY:  Sentient Neural Paraste. While it is awake, the six-tentacled being can make itself invisible (an ability similar to the Shadows). Attached to the side of the neck, the Keeper can bond with the central nervous system of a being and can take control of its host at will. This control is not flawless, as it has a low alcohol tolerance.

HISTORY: After the Shadow War in the 2260's, several minions of the Shadows made their way to Centauri Prime. Keepers were attached to those in positions of power while the other races proceeded to tear the Centauri homeworld to pieces.

GOVERNMENT: The Keepers are minions of the Shadows.

TECHNOLOGY:  As allies of the Shadows, they have access to Ultratech-level artifacts, if their masters deem it necessary.

IRL: Notes on the Entries


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