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Helízha-class Heavy Fighter

Model: (Minbari-Vorlon hybrid) Valenís Eye Manufacturing Point Hel'zha-class heavy fighter

Length: 14 meters

Drive System: Stalasha Gravimetric Engine

Cargo Capacity: 110 kilograms

Hel'zha fighter on assignment in the Nagus System

Crew: 1 pilot


 These were the first ships to combine Minbari and Vorlon technologies. While most of the vessel is strictly Minbari technology, the vessel's inner and outer structure is composed of an adaptive organo-metallic substance with self-repair capabilities. This "skin" learns from experience and once a form of damage is encountered, the skin alters itself to better deflect that type of damage. The "skin" also acts as a self-repair mechanism and can repair most internal and external damage given time. Port and starboard nacelles provide maneuvering thrust. Should a nacelle be destroyed, maneuverability is not lost, merely sluggish and difficult.

 Three prototype fighters were constructed to test the stability of the hybrid systems. While construction of White Star-class ships were a priority, several squadrons were subsequently built for specialized missions.

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