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Narn Heavy Cruiser

Model: Ma’Kan Industries G'Quan-class Heavy Cruiser

Length: 220 meters

Maximum Liner Velocity: 109 Megachoths

Drive System: 3 Versal Fusion Engines

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Crew: 200

Armament: Weapons configurations varies from ship to ship as the Narn were wont to  load them up with any and all guns they could make or acquire. The standard configuration (up late 2259 C.E.) is as follows:

 Equipped with a jump engine and heavy armaments, the G'Quan is used for a wide array of mission profiles. However, while this ship is quite deadly in space, it lacks the large ground force necessary for the taking of a planet. This drawback is made up for by including T'Loth Assault Cruisers (capable of holding a full division of Narn troops) into the conquering fleet. A more serious flaw in the construction of the heavy cruiser is that a power loss occurs in the main engines as the ship exits hyperspace. The power loss is absorbed by many non-weapons systems; including the communications array. During this time, the ship cannot communicate with its home base.

 The angular heavy cruiser is composed of three decks. The upper deck houses a small troop transport located near the outer hatch. This positioning allows the armed troops to exit first. The middle deck houses all command stations (the bridge, weaponry, and engineering). These stations are encased in separate modules complete with independent life support and power systems. This configuration allows the bridge to be completely sealed off from the rest of the ship. The lower deck contains the crew quarters, medbay, mess hall, latrines, and the hold. The fighter bay is also located on this level and can hold a maximum of twelve Narn fighters. Crew quarters are designed to hold two crewmen each.

 Known Narn Heavy Cruisers:

  • G'Tok - survived the decimation of the Narn fleet (2259 C.E.) by being on a deep scouting mission looking for new worlds to conquer. After several engagements with Centauri forces, the G'Tok , under command of War Leader Na'Kal, arrived at Babylon 5 seeking aid. A Centauri warship arrived to take custody of the vessel. The Centauri warship was destroyed as the humans defended the damaged heavy cruiser. The G'Tok later returned to Babylon 5 to join the Army of Light.

 K'sha Na'vas - Former ship of the Golden Fleet assigned to Homeworld under the command of War Leader Vin'Tok. Believed to be lost during the Narn-Centauri War (2259 C.E.).

 Kali en Thran - Destroyed during the Narn-Centauri War

 Tequera an Fol

 Yopol - Destroyed during the Narn-Centauri War

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