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 When humans first made contact with aliens, the social, religious, and political status quo was disrupted. One response to this was the formation of many "galactic" churches. Most of them went bankrupt (financially and otherwise) within a few years. One of those that endured to become one of the more respected of the new ministries is Foundationism. In its over two-hundred year old existence, it has achieved a fair amount of respectability, though it is by no means common.

 The basic premise of Foundationism that all religions are but facets of a singular truth. They believe there are no real religions but one human religion that is a combination of all major and minor beliefs; thus, the Foundation is a conglomeration of the theological foundations of all Earth religions. Foundationists feel that God is too large an entity to be constrained by words. It is believed that the more you try to pigeonhole God with limited words and ideas, the farther one gets from the infinite truth of God.

 The Australian Aboriginal teaching of the Walkabout is a main point of Foundationist spiritual healing. The idea is that a person can get so caught up in one's work, obligations and duties that the truly important parts of one's self become lost. From there it is a downward spiral as one gets farther and farther from the true self. A crisis situation usually develops that awakens the wayward to the absent true self. It is at this time that one must go on walkabout. All possessions are left behind (except for essential items) and one starts walking. Metaphorically speaking, the journey goes on until you meet yourself. Once you find yourself, you sit down and have a long talk about what one has learned, felt and done in each other's absence. One talks until there is nothing left to say -- the truly important things cannot be said. If one is lucky, after everything has been said and unsaid, one looks up and sees only one person instead of the previous two.

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