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Cult of the Universe

"Consider the hand: Veins, capillaries, muscles, cells, moons, stars, planets, galaxies. All trapped inside ephemeral, translucent flesh. The palm: we have lines; we have signs; we have shapes, equations. All creation in a hangnail." - Jeremiah, 2260

 While most would dismiss this cult as a product of Minbari War Syndrome, it is a small, but growing, movement. This cult bases its belief on that held by the Minbari: that of a sentient Universe. They believe that the Universe as a whole is aware, but not omniscient, and so invested itself into a multitude of fragments so it could examine every aspect of its being. Unfortunately, due to the Universe's inexperience, each being it creates has a design flaw, its life is limited. Each being is the Universe made manifest. The drive to understand life, the universe, and everything is a drive to understand ourselves. Once the Universe understands itself, it will transform into some new (perhaps through another Big Bang?). In this new state the Universe will be perfect, and will create perfect, immortal, beings.

 They feel that this is the ultimate truth, and a powerful one, that the Minbari believe. This truth, they feel, is one of the reasons the Minbari almost defeated Humanity during the Earth-Minbari War. Those that scorn this belief are simply "out of the cosmic loop." These people have forgotten that they are a part of the Universe. Fortunately, the Cult does not believe in or condone violence -- why should the Universe harm itself?

 In order to obtain a purity of thought, form, and body, a large sect of the cult took over an entire level of Babylon 5. How this was accomplished (requiring millions of credits in bribes, hackers, etc.) is unknown. In their hidden realm, they created an environment to give them the purity they desired. Purity of thought and purpose is granted through rigorous mental exercise. For the body to become pure it must be consumed by the Universe in an act of purity -- usually in the form of a local predator. For the Cult members on Babylon 5, this meant importing a Zarg (not yet hatched). The Zarg also guarded the only physical escape, which the creature itself used to hunt for prey (usually Lurkers, the occasional maintenance worker, and vermin). After discovery by Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, Cult members were imprisoned and Gray 17 was opened to the station.

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