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Black Omega Starfury Carrier

Model: Modified Mitchell-Hyundyne STG-19 Insystem Shuttle

Crew: 1 pilot/ 1 co-pilot

Armament:  None

Based on the CS-244 Porcupine, this modified shuttle acts as a mobile launch platform for the Black Omega starfury squadron. The shuttle's small size and limited stealth capabilities allows the insertion of the Black Omegas to be almost unnoticed. Each shuttle carries up to four Black Omega Starfuries. Unfortunately for the shuttle crew, defense is the vessel is provided only by the fighters it carries. Should the carrier's fighters be obliterated, the shuttle is a sitting duck.

 The Carrier's Starfuries are attached to a drop mechanism on the ventral side of the shuttle. This mechanism, when activated, ignites a launching charge that pushes each starfury down in an alternating sequence -- accommodating pilot and clearance issues. By doing so, the launching starfuries avoid each other as they maneuver away from the Carrier.

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