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"We have seen double suns set on worlds so far away you have no name for them. We remember music that was played before your kind learned to speak. Within us is the living memory. Deeds and stories. Civilizations and passions. Wars and struggle and great beauty." - Vindrizzi "collective," 2260 C.E.

PHYSIOLOGY:  An artificial symbiote; Vindrizzi are composed of one-hundred percent genetically neutral material. Being so constructed, Vindrizzi are able to merge with any life form (barring molecularly diffuse or immaterial life forms, like the Warp Entity). The one exception to the rule is terminally ill and drug-abusing life forms. If a merging is attempted with such an individual, the host  body dies and the Vindrizzi goes into a state of shock.

Vindrizzi bonding with a human

 Vindrizzi exist in three states. In their prime form, Vindrizzi are insectiod-looking creatures approximately two feet in length. In this form, Vindrizzi can survive for only a limited time. When placed upon a host's spinal column, or other major neural bundle, the Vindrizzi enter their second state. They appear to "melt" into the subject, shedding their outer shell into the surrounding flesh. With the shell gone, the Vindrizzi is reduced to a clear dense bundle of neural  strands. Each strand has muscular and neural characteristics,

allowing the strands to weave themselves through the nerves of the host and merge with the host's consciousness. The final state of the Vindrizzi is the merged symbiote form. Here the Vindrizzi is housed in a sentient body, thoughts are passed between both intelligences, yet both retain their own identities. The merging has an additional side benefit of repairing minor illness and ingury to the host body. They can only be merged once with a specific individual, a secontime would permenently damage the host's neural system.

PSI ABILITY:   It appears that Vindrizzi are able to create a limited form of collective consciousness amongst the Vindrizzi aspects of their symbiote form.

PSYCHOLOGY:  They only bond with volunteers among the lost and hopeless. It is hoped that the merging will give them a purpose in live and to make them more than they ever would become. Thus, doing a good deed while fulfilling a biological necessity.

HISTORY: They were bred 500,000 years ago (quite possibly by the First Ones) to be living  recorders. They travel throughout the galaxy in host bodies of various races, recording sights and history in order to preserve them. Many of them are fabulous beyond belief: tales of cities floating in the air five-miles high, and the extinction of the flamebirds of Orion VII. They were created to survive a coming Dark Age where all life and knowledge has fallen. And when the survivors wonder what has went before, the Vindrizzi will be there are keepers of the past, present, and future.

 The Vindrizzi are currently living in the bodies of Lurkers (homeless) from Babylon 5 and travel in the modified Earth Alliance shuttle Dyson. The Dyson is capable of atmospheric landings and carries external fuel tanks.

GOVERNMENT: Vindrizzi groups tend to have a typical team structure, with a recognized leader.

HOMEWORLD:  World of origin unknown; they are a nomadic species and do not call any  place home for too long.

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