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Varn's People

HISTORY:  Supposedly, over five hundred years ago, a violent, renegade faction of Varn's People, led by the charismatic Takarn, were exiled to the stars. Possibly at the same time, another group headed by Varn, also left their homeworld. These two groups searched for a certain planet that housed the Great Machine. The group headed by Varn found it first -- Epsilon 3, where Babylon 5 is currently placed. Approximately in 1758 AD (Earth Standard) Varn's expedition-mates were all but dead. Varn, hoping to guard the

Great Machine from others who would use it for ill, attached himself to the Heart of the Machine and consequentially greatly prolonged his life.
 In 2258 Varn's health began to deteriorate, and because of the symboitic relationship he shares with the machine/planet, Epsilon 3 also began to die. The planet began to broadcast a signal that was picked up by Takarn, the leader of the renegades exiled from the Varn's homeworld. Varn died, and was replaced by the
Minbari teacher, Draal. Draal summarily destroyed Takarn and his crew who, at long last, had found the planet.

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