PHYSIOLOGY:  Trivorians have three arms (with six fingers per hand) and three legs. Their three eyes are lidless, and are as large as saucers. The third eye is positioned below and between the upper two. The tear ducts of Trivorian eyes produced copius amounts of brackish and corrosive tears. Because of it's location, the third eye is constantly in danger of being blinded.


CULTURE:  A Trivorian wearing a patch over the lower third eye is traditionally viewed as a sensitive soul. Some young Trivorians affect to wear a patch, although nothing is wrong with that eye.

Trivorian Film Society

Only after contact with other races did the Trivorians discover the use of film as an artform and source of entertainment. Although there are a number of cinema oriented organizations on Trivorian, film still remains "cult entertainment." Most Trivorians disdain this foreign media and prefer watching Tvino sprin-dancing or song-connoc, both traditional artforms.

 Eventually, cinema enthusiasts joined together to form the Trivorian Film Society. Their small film festivals received lackluster reviews and attendance among their own society. In 2255, President of the Society, T. Tato, decided to take their art where it would be appreciated. For five years the Society raised funds to hold a huge film festival with an interstellar audience on Babylon 5.

 The highlight of the festival was to be T. Too's brilliant Clouds. For a week, Too stayed aloft in the stratosphere filming the poetry of the clouds. His editing of the footage turned simple water and sulfur vapor into metaphors of life. Unfortunately, the Society timed their Trinocular Film Festival (complete with custom-built equipment, including special headsets that interpreted the trinocular image for binocular eyes) horribly. The appearance of the Worm caused the festival to be ruined in the ensuing chaos. After refunding every ticket and paying for damages, they were sued by the projectionist; the Trivorian Film Society went bankrupt.

GOVERNMENT:  The Trivorian system is ruled by a Triumvirate of Elders.

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