Habitat: Narn

EcoNiche:  Scavenger

Intelligence:  Physical Reflex


 The most striking thing about the This is its two heads. Dual-brained lifeforms in the galaxy are a rare occurrence, even prized on some worlds; however, a bad temper and a worse aroma have earned only revulsion from the Narns. The two separate brains of the This are joined at a neural nexus lobe located at the juncture where the two heads' skeletal structure joins the main spinal column. The nexus lobe processes the impulses from the two brains and sorts through the mostly conflicting commands. However, the nexus is not successful all the time, making suicide the biggest cause of This mortality.

 In Narn culture, the This is used to indicate the second lowest rank obligation (This-Kini). The carrion eater has even been the subject of a well used phrase that translates roughly as: As indecisive as a This (the phrase can also be interpreted as someone who undertakes an ultimately destructive action)

 Once the Interstellar Animal Rights Protection League sought fiercely to protect this creature, but after the mass driver bombing of Narn the species has seemed to flourish in a population boom not seen since the Centauri occupation.

IRL: Notes on the Entries


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