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Telepath Bomb

 Created by the Shadows to destroy telepaths, these bombs are as devastating as they are devious. They appear as small (five inches long by three inches wide by three inches high) teardrop shaped objects encased in a cornhusk-like shell. They are inert until a telepath makes mental or physical contact with the bomb itself. The bomb immediately assaults the telepath's mind for control and for the brief instant that it does so, it activates. There is a small physical explosion accompanying a devastating telepathic broadcast. The bomb's effective radius is proportional to the telepathic strength of the activating telepath. All  telepaths within the bomb's range have then minds turned to jelly. Their brain patterns are violently forced to mimic that of the bomb itself: rigid, machine-like, and focused on one thought only ("I am the machine").

Telepath Bomb

Like all Shadow biotechnology, a living creature forms the core of the machine and both are fused into one entity. While the skeletal system of the original creature is still intact within the machine (although covered with clusters of microprocessors) immersed in the substance creating the bomb's shape and outer skin, parts of the bomb are composed of an advanced superconducting metal. It has a "pulse" and a crude circulatory system. Its mental awareness is limited only to its function. The bomb has limited telepathic ability that can only be used when in direct contact with another's skin.

 While the Vorlons genetically engineer races to produce telepaths, the Shadows seed worlds with these bombs to eradicate them. Worlds such as those of the J/Lai and Narn were seeded. The J/Lai are now extinct and the Narn have lost their telepathic potential.

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