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Type: Terrestrial Homeworld with heavy crystalline deposits

Position:  (Chi Draconis A: 25.11 ly from Earth) Seventh planet obiting the local binary stars

Local Star Type: Minbar is located in a binary  solar system.

Length of Year: 1.5 standard years (1 day  = 20 hours 47 minutes)

Moons:  2

Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen

Hydrosphere: 40% surface area (north polar icecap covers  23% of the planet's surface)

Gravity: Standard

Capital City: Yedor

Population: 4 billion (*est.)

 Minbar is the seventh planet from their sun. Almost one-forth of the planet is covered by the north polar icecap. Minbar is rich with crystalline deposits. Many of their cities, like Yedor, the capital, are carved out of these crystal formations.

 One of Minbar's moons serves as a penal colony for the rare  cases of homicide that occasion Minbar.

 Additional colonies in the Minbar System are: Minbar Station, Dronato Colony, and Lekk Station.


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