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 The Lifegiver is presumed to be an Organic Age artifact from an unknown alien race. The Lifegiver was used as corporal punishment. The life energy of the criminal would be transferred to more deserving beings that were dying from terminal diseases; killing the criminal, but

 saving many lives. Exact details are unknown as this artifact was bought in 2256 from a trader (most likely a fence for grave robbers and thieves of archeological sites) by Dr. Laura Rosen.

 Dr. Rosen, after several months of study, found that at low settings, the Lifegiver could be used to transfer small amounts of life energy from the operator to a patient thus healing others without causing the death of the user. Used in this way, the device can renew and reinvigorate the flesh, bone, and blood and could cure anything from the common cold to Stafford's Disease.

 In 2258, Dr. Rosen arrived on Babylon 5 to continue her work saving lives and researching the machine. She set up a medical clinic in Downbelow. After sustaining plasma burns during an escape, mass murderer Karl Mueller went ot Dr. Rosen and held her daughter and Chief Medical Officer Franklin hostage. He ordered her to heal him with the machine. After he was connected, she reversed the Lifegiver's connections, killing Mueller and curing herself of Lakes Syndrome. Dusgusted by her act, Dr. Rosen turned the Lifegiver over to Dr. Franklin.

 Franklin's first cause to use it occurred when the Chief Security Officer Garibaldi was in a coma after being shot by his second in command (January 2259). He and the station's new commander, Captain Sheridan, used small amounts of their lifeforces to heal Garibaldi and bring him out of his coma.

The most tragic, and recent, use of the Lifegiver was by the Ranger known as Marcus.  He broke into Medlab One and hooked himself and the dying Commander Ivanova into the machine.  When medtechs foudn them, Marcus was in complete metabolic shutdown and Ivanova’s injuries were healed.  Marcus is currently in cold storage while a cure is found for his condition.

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