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Life in Transition

"You are mistakes. You are unnatural. You are random." - LIT mantra

 Founded in 2216, Life in Transition is one of the most unusual branches of modern religion. Their core belief is that all life is a mistake. According to their doctine, the odds of life ever springing up are so astronomical that all life is an anomaly that should not exist. Although they do not beleve in God, it appears that they have merely transferred that idea to the Universe, whom

 they believe is in control.

 LIT members lead a life of denial and emotionlessness. All body hair is shaved. They refuse to wear traditional garments, opting instead to cover themselves in mud and rocks -- the only "life" of the Universe. Their robes are composed mostly of mica linked to slabs of unprocessed coal, silver, and copper ore. Rank within the LIT organization is noted by the size of mica attached to one's robes.

 Their total number is in the low thousands, and the general reaction to their presence among the populace (no matter what race) is to deride their beliefs. The most common derogatory term from members of the LIT is "lite head."

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