"How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love have a man than he lay down his life for his brother, not for millions, not for glory, not for fame. But for one person, in the dark, where no one will ever know or see." - Inquisitor Sebastian, 2259

PHYSIOLOGY: Varies, depending on the species the Vorlons "find."

PSI ABILITY: It does not appear to be a prerequisite.

PSYCHOLOGY:  Inquisitors tend(ed) to believe (erroneously) that they have been chosen to be the savior of the world (or galaxy).

HISTORY: The Vorlons, or agents thereof, seek out misguided individuals  -- those who think that they are chosen by higher powers to bring a divine message. Usually the subject is deluded and homicidal. Such a being is taken from its homeworld to the heart of the Vorlon Empire. That being is

then inducted in the service of the Vorlons. They are told "everything about everything" and their minds are opened to the secrets of the universe. And foremost of these lessons is the severe depth of their mistake in presuming to be the one chosen. Following initiation, the subject is "preserved" until needed for the Vorlon's purposes. They are called upon to determine the worthiness of those the Vorlons are interested in. Those subjects that are not worthy are broken, to save giving others who would believe them false hope. The Inquisitor's mission is to search for beings who understand and practice selfless dedication, courage, and love.

TECHNOLOGY: Since they are in the employ of the Vorlons, they are able to operate items of Vorlon construction. Inquisitors have extraordinary powers of physical control and torture given to them by a Device. Its size and shape is variable, usually tailored to the Inquisitor's tastes. Highly advanced control mechanisms allow the Inquisitor to perform extraordinary tortures effortlessly. The Device works in tandem with a pair of manacles worn by the subject of the inquest - although it appears that they only serve to augment the functions of the Device proper. The Device can produce omnidirectional force projections, electro-stimulation, pain induction fields, and other effects.

NOTES:  "Jack the Ripper," whose real name is Sebastian, was chosen by the Vorlons to interrogate the Minbari Delenn to test her worthiness. His murderous rampage in the East End of London in the 1880's was halted by his being abducted by the Vorlons. He has served them for four hundred years.

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