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History | Book of G'Quan | G'Quan Eth

Species: Narn

Sex:  Male

Homeworld: Narn

Profession:  Leader/Prophet

Religious Affiliation:  The Old Pantheon (?)

Book of G'Quon

 G'Quan was the greatest of the all Narn, and their main religious figure. One thousand years ago Shadow forces set up a base on the Narn homeworld. While they took no interest in the primitive natives, G'Quan took a great interest in them. Terrorist attacks on the part of the Narns prompted the Shadows to destroy most of the Na’Fariki, or Mindwalkers. Gathering up the remaining telepaths, their children dead and themselves far past childbearing age, G'Quan lead his people on a final crusade, successfully driving the Shadows from Narn. His teachings have formed one of the main Narn religions, and while not all Narns hold his beliefs, most families have a copy of his Book.

 Soon after G'Quan's death, his main follower and co-prophet appeared, G'Lan. Other sources say that G'Lan served G'Quan in life. While the role of G'Lan is a mystery, even to his followers, in recent times it has been acknowledged that "he" is nothing more than a Vorlon cloaked as a Being of Light. The old stories tell of his "swooping down" and of his "radiance."

Book of G'Quan

 G'Quan left behind a thick tome of his religious teachings and prophecies. Each copy of the Book of G'Quan is copied by hand from the original with every notation rendered in exacting detail. The Book must be read in the original High Narn (holocopies and translations are considered sacrilege). This sacred text is kept within a Narn's family, being passed from mother to daughter. In addition to references to a golden  heaven awaiting the faithful, this book contains detailed accounts about the "forces of darkness." The Book of G'Quan mentions an ancient enemy that rose to power a thousand years in the past. Their power was so great it nearly overwhelmed the stars themselves. This enemy dwelled at the Rim of Known Space, on a dead world known as Z'ha'dum. Illustrations depict Shadow Fighters, Cruisers, their ground forces, and the fight to drive the Shadows from Narn.

 Excerpts from the Book of G'Quan:

"And the Spirit of Darkness moved upon the land. It screamed in the dreams of the Mindwalkers; and they fell, destroyed by it to their children and their children's children. Then did the Darkness come to Narn until it was driven out by G'Quan and the last of the surviving Mindwalkers."

"There is a darkness greater than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this foe we can never surrender."

G'Quan Eth

 Named after the prophet, the G'Quan Eth is indigenous only to Narn, the G'Quan Eth is difficult to grow, hard to transport and very expensive to own. In many places, it is a controlled botanical substance usable only for legitimate medical of religious reasons.


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