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Habitat: Narn

EcoNiche: Predatory Omnivore

Intelligence: Associative thought

 Located in sparsely populated equatorial mountain regions,  the Dar prides reign supreme. Each Dar pride's territory is hundreds of kilometers wide. They are highly intelligent hunters, using sophisticated teamwork to bring down their kills or to drive off enemies. They are very effective and are capable of downing an On that has strayed into their territory.

 A Dar pride is composed of five family groups, with care of the young evenly divided between the sexes. Both male and females hunt, but always leave one of the couple behind to care for the young. Social interaction is sophisticated. Previous studies have suggested that Dar prides are ruled in a matrilinear fashion. How the Dar can identify these "royal bloodlines" is unknown.

 The Narn place the Dar as the highest on the food chain because of their use of group tactics and strong familial bond. In their culture they use the Dar to signify the fourth order of a rank obligation (Dar-Kini).

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