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Chrysalis Device

 The Chrysalis Device originated from the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. The race that built it is a mystery, though files describing its operation are located within the Machine's databanks. The primary function of the Device is to alter the genetic structure of a being. Powered by a triluminary, the crystalline machine is programmed by the alignment of specific building blocks. Once activated, the Device spews out a web-like substance, surrounding the subject in a cocoon. After several weeks within the cocoon, bathed in nutrient rich fluids, the new being emerges. A stone-like shell covers the subject, which falls off soon after emergence.

 In August, 2260, Zathras removed the Chrysalis Device from one of the Great Machines storehouses along with a triluminary. He brought it with him along with time manipulation equipment. During Babylon 4's journey to 1250 C.E., Entil'zha Jeffrey Sinclair transformed himself into the Minbari called Valen. Since that time, the Chrysalis Device was held by the Minbari, who also added the triluminary to their collection. In 2258, Satai Delenn brought the Device with her to Babylon 5. In December of that year, the programming of the Device was complete and she entered into the chrysalis to emerge a half-human Minbari. The Device is still in her possession.

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