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(Minbari Fighting Pike)

 One of the traditional weapons of the Minbari is the Minbari Fighting Pike, or denn'bok. The denn'bok is a collapsible quarterstaff composed of mnemonic alloys that expand from a six-inch grip to a five foot polearm. Only those trained in the ancient art of Denn'na carry these. Denn'na training among the Warrior Caste is a must as it is among the Rangers; though few of the Rangers carry this prestigious weapon. F'hursna Sech Durhan is considered the modern master of this art and is currently training both Minbari and deserving humans in the City of Sorrows on Minbar. Very few are produced yearly as most pikes are passed from one generation to the other. Fighting pikes rarely fall into the hands of non-Minbari, and many warrior caste Minbari insure it stays that way. However, some pikes do end up on the black market often fetching 5,000 credits and often more.

Minbari Warrior with pike at the ready

While most fighting pikes are simply metal polearms, a few have been constructed (or modified) to produce an electrical shock upon impact, extend razor-sharp blades, or have a chemical projection system (poison, acid, or flammables). The Minbari consider it highly dishonorable, even stigmatic, to own such a weapon. Minbari folklore tells of ancient warlords who created similar pikes for themselves. These "Dark Lords of Minbar" used dishonorable ways of fighting for their own personal gain and because of that were defeated. These tales go on to relate that many warlord's bodies were never recovered, but were spirited away in the night by their remaining followers. Tales of dark tombs in the deep equatorial deserts or on forgotten moons filled with the spoils of conquest still amaze Minbari children today.


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