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October 2003

The Main Index has been completly restored, as has the old bibliography page. For more details on what all is new and has changed, read this thread. UPDATE: The original creator of the VEX has restored it, himself, updating the overall layout, and even adding some new entries! Check it out here!

May 2003

All internal links should be fixed, as should all broken images, and all of the table issues. Special thanks go to Tocis (aka Thore Schmechtig) and Itaď Perez for providing me copies of the VEX. Please leave any feedback here.

June 1998

Hopefully, the server problems are gone.  Hopefully, Win95 on my machine will not attempt another mutiny because I use Netscape. Thanks to those who understood.  To those who complained -- bite me.  The VEX went online in 1995.  And after all this time, I completely agree with JMS’ comments on why he is leaving Usenet for the far saner gossip columns of Hollywood.

April 1998

Due to heavy traffic, I had to move the VEX.  My new ISP is Powersurge. I hope this will work much better.  infinicorp.com didn’t exist for a few days during the switch due in part to a communications mixup with the InterNIC.

February 1998

Version 5.1 Released. Cosmetic and textual corrections. The VEX has been optimized for 640x480 screen resolution. In addition, most titles and headings have been given a FONT command to make use of “Serpentine-Bold-Bold” if it is installed on your system. Most notable is the change of the religious order practiced by Brother Theo from the Dominicans to the Trappists.

Known problems: * most internal links in the Sentients and Creatures sections do not work. * There is no Notes section (it was the only page that Fusion couldn’t handle -- after several crashes I just let it go.)


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