Voltayre's Encyclopeia Xenobiologica(tm)
A Guide to the Babylon 5 Universe

A Jumfrez mystic once warned me that to seek the truth was a fool’s errand. That within each of us exists the true universe, but its form and structure never matching that of those around. To set down one’s perceptions of the universe in writing was a violent act, assaulting the truth of another’s universe to suit your own. It is an act of selfishness and hubris that would bring dark punishments.  And then the mystic slammed its (quite heavy) door in my face.

Many times I have felt the fool for not following my brethren across the Rim.  I question myself when I am chased through the streets, gaze into the sea of stars, or when my ship is under attack. I then remind myself of what Elric said before boarding the Crystal Cave, “You are more than you know, and, hopefully, always less than you want to be.”

And from that time onward I have wandered the spacelanes.  I gained and lost a great friend, barely survived a Shadow attack, evaded the authorities on several worlds, and have seen wonders that every being should have the pleasure to see. And all of it is a fleeting glimpse of an infinitesimal part of Everything.

Regardless, here is the result of my travels.  These pages are a chronicle of the dawning of the Third Age. At least, according to “my true universe.”

- Voltayre


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