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Vorlon Transport

"It sang to me." - Dr. Everett Jacobs, 2259

Model: Vorlon personal transport

Drive System: Gravimetric


  • 1 heavy beam weapon capable of destroying a Shadow Battlecruiser unaided.
  • unknown number of smaller beam projectors

 Each Vorlon transport is a unique semi-intelligent creation. The transport is assigned to a Vorlon for life. Over time, the transport changes and evolves; becoming more efficient and in tune with its master. Should its master die, the transport will not function as efficiently (if at all) and will commit suicide as it has lost its purpose in life.

 Coloration of the vessel depends on the individual Vorlon and also implies a certain status within the Vorlon Empire.

 Other Vorlon ships operate in a similar manner; with the fighters having a more primitive system and the cruisers with a full crew.


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