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 The Triluminary is a powerful and ancient artifact. One of these items was once held on the Great Machine of Epsilon 3. Whether the triluminaries were created by the race that built the Machine is unknown. The Minbari have three of these objects in their possession. One was given to them by Valen (who brought it with him through time from the Great Machine).

 No controls are evident on the surface of the triluminary. It might be a powerful piece of organic technology that relies on a limited form of telepathy to activate. When attached to a much larger power source, the triluminary's power is greatly increased.

 Known powers of the Triluminary:

  • Genetic Realignment: The Triluminary, in conjunction with a Chrysalis Device, can alter the genetic structure of a being. The crystal adjunts could be the "program" the Triluminary follows to restructure the subject's genetic code.
  •  Memory Manipulation: The Triluminary can block or release the memory of a subject.
  •  Soul Scan: The device can somehow determine the nature of a being's soul.
  •  Stun: The Triluminary can stun a being (probably for a set length of time).

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