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Thunderbolt-class Starfury

Model:  Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-42B Thunderbolt-class Starfury

Length: 15.3 meters

Drive System: Beigle Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engine

Crew: 1 pilot and/or 1 gunner/navigator


 Unlike the SA-23E, the Thunderbolt is capable of space and atmospheric flight. Similar in design to the Starfury proper, the Thunderbolt's wings are more planar and feature a swing wing on each of the four thrusters. When extended, they act as airfoils. When in space the wings are folded over the body. The Thunderbolt was designed primarily as a bomber, however, in recent years the SA-42B has been distributed throughout Earthforce as a replacement for the aging SA-23Es. The Thunderbolt's speed and maneuverability are comparable (if not better) and the rapid burst pulse cannon is a great improvement over the SA-23E's Copeland Pulse Canons. The attitude controls are much more sensitive and the addition of a holographic HUD give trained pilots a definite edge over older model Starfuries. Newer, more durable alloys increase survivability of the pilot without adding any significant mass to the fighter.


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