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Space Construction Habitat

Model: Earth Alliance space construction habitat

Length: 700 meters

Drive System: Ion Drive

Jump Point Capable: No

Crew:  2,000+

Space Construction Habitat orbiting an incomplete Babylon 5

Armament: 12 Standard Particle Beams

 When the Earth Alliance or private concern needs to build a large space installation, a space construction habitat (SCH) is brought in. The habitat becomes the central base for the construction effort; be it a Babylon-class station, a military outpost, or a commercial orbital facility.

 In addition to being an Earthforce starship, the SCH is also a miniature city. Its two thousand engineers and construction workers live in spartan conditions; often sleeping six to a room. Hard earned credits can be spent at the Earthforce PX. Medical services for the entire ship is provided by a single medlab. Entertainment can be had at a handfull of small bars and clubs -- and sometimes the security guards can be persuaded not to notice a poker game or two.

 The SCH maintains several offices reserved for contract construction companies to allow their  administrations onsite access. State-of-the-art machine shops and engineering facilities are available  to allow for troubleshooting and constructing parts not readily available or cost-ineffective to ship. A low-gravity hanger services the numerous construction vessels and supply ships that work the site.


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