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 The Human term slugthrower refers to traditional firearms (using an explosive substance to propel shot, bullets, or shells at high velocities), compressed air guns, spring operated guns, and rail guns. Advances in firearm technology peaked in the 2100's. By the 2200's firearm and rail gun production was significantly reduced by the prevalence of PPG

Glock M30 .45 caliber machine pistol

 technology. Only a few companies actively manufacture slugthrowers today. Coleman, Smith and Wesson, and Glock are the leading manufacturers, though most have diversified into sonic, stun, and specialty weaponry. Because slugthrowers are extremely dangerous in a space environment, their use is tightly controlled to on-planet use only. Domed colonies like Mars and Proxima have stiff penalties for possession and/or use of a slugthrower. In everyday use, the slugthrower is still used by private security, mercenary groups, and for Earthforce target practice.

 Rail guns are another type of slugthrower that uses magnetic fields to launch a projectile. The rail gun is the handheld (or in most cases tripod mounted) version of the mass driver, the universally banned capital-ship weapon. While more powerful than a chemical firearm, rail guns are bulky, power intensive, and expensive compared to the mass-produced PPGs.

 While handguns and rifles are still produced, all production of military-grade cannons and artillery have given way to energy weapons and smart missiles. These are the most common slugthrowers available:

  • Coleman .22 The standard firearm for security firms and self-defense, the Coleman .22 is heavily regulated. Cost: 150 credits.

 Caerna'Praja rail rifle Manufactured by the Pre'lek , the rail rifle is difficult for other races to handle. Build for the sturdy frames of the Pre'leki, these weapons pack an incredible punch. Cost: 500 credits.

 Coleman Magnum The mainstay of Earth police forces. Maintenance of this heavy firearm is minimal. Cost: 200 credits.

 Glock M30 This automatic pistol is heavily regulated. Its use is restricted to government and military use. Cost: 400 credits.

 Smith & Wesson .38 Still in use by the more traditional police officers on Earth, the .38 is manufactured in small quantities. Cost: 200 credits.

 Smith & Wesson Sportsman A common sporting rifle on Earth. While PPG weapons pack more power, they often make a terrible mess of the prey. Cost: 300 credits.

 [NOTE: Prices listed are "suggested retail." While many weapons are restricted to certain groups, fixers (such as n'grath) are more than happy to supply a needed item for up to five times the list price.]


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