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Centauri Battlecruiser

Model:  House Tavari Armaments Primus-class Battlecruiser

Length:  238 m

Drive System: Gravimetric

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Command Staff:  16

Crew:  196


 The primary capital ship of the Centauri fleet, the Primus is a deadly opponent. With four battle lasers to take on large targets and several particle beam arrays with wide firing arcs to discourage fighter attacks, the Primus is unmatched by most other alien races. The Primus can house twelve fighters in addition to two shuttlecraft. In addition to its standard armaments, the Primus can be outfitted with a mass driver, allowing the ship to perform devastating planetary bombardments.

 Known Centauri Battlecruisers:

  • Demola - formerly under the inept command of Lord Va Mota who was killed in a Narn ambush above Keeli. Although heavily damaged in the attack, the Demola was saved by the tactics of First Officer Vor Talle.

 "Emperor's Word" - Captain Ti Hal surrendered after a Narn ambush heavily damaged this ship during the Narn-Centauri War.

 Ferono Des - Homebase of the infamous Jaki Squadron.


 Valerius - flagship of the fleet assigned to decimate the Narn homeworld via mass driver in 2260.


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