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Omega - Class Destroyer

Model: Rocketdyne Omega-class Destroyer

Drive System: 4 Beigle-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engines

Jump Point Capable: Yes

Crew: 250

Fighter Compliment: 2 full squadrons


 The Omega-class was the newest line of capital-scale military vessel Earth produced after the Earth-Minbari War. Desperate for a heftier defense, Earthforce contracted out the production of the Omegas to a major production firm. Work orders were given to several facilities, to avoid having all ship under construction vulnerable to attack. Omega Construction Group 1 produced the first Omega-class vessel, the EAS Achilles, in record time. Currently, over 200 Omegas serve Earthforce. Up until 2259, then Clark assumed the Alliance presidency, all Earthforce vessels were usually named for figures from Greek mythology. Current nomenclature has turned toward more conventional names.

 The Omega-class can carry two full squadrons of Starfury fighters, or one and one-half squadrons of Thunderbolt fighters. In addition to the fighters, the Omega carries two shuttles for passenger and cargo transfers.

 Known Omega-Class Destroyers:

  • EAS Achilles (A Series) - First Omega -class off the production line.

 Adrastus (A Series) - destroyed in Orion System (2260)

 EAS Agammemnon (A Series) - Initially under the command of Captain Best. After a "promotion" to desk duty, command of the ship was given to Captain John Sheridan. Upon Sheridan's transfer to govern the Earth Alliance station Babylon 5 , the Agammemnon was placed under the command of someone else.

 EAS Agrippa (S Series) - under the command of Captain Smith; destroyed at the Battle of Euphrates (2260)

 Alexander (J Series) - formerly under the command of General Hague; now captained by Major Ryan

 Churchill (C Series) - commanded by Captain Sandra Hiroshi; destroyed at the Battle of Euphrates (2260)

 EAS Excalibur

 EAS Hamato

 EAS Midway - named after a Heavy Cruiser lost at the battle of the Line.

 EAS Nimrod (G Series)

 EAS Olympus (R Series) - under the command of Captain Drake

 EAS Pournelle - was on Mars patrol in the 2250's and saw action during the 2258 Mars Rebellion.

 EAS Roanoke (M Series) - destroyed at the Battle of Euphrates (2260)


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