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na'ka'leen feeder

 Predatory Neurovore. The na'ka'leen feeder savors the neural activity of the brain associated with memory and personality. After the feeding, the victim's synapses are fused, leaving the autonomic funtions barely going. Victims can be re-educated, but will never be the same. The na'ka'leen prefers to feed on older minds, as the synapses are much more developed. The na'ka'leen has demonstrated an ability to speak; using a high, tinny voice. It is a language, and can be understood through a translation device.  Before striking, the na'ka'leen feeder makes no noise. No

na'ka'leen, to the best of my knowledge, has ever demonstrated an aptitude for abstract thought.  Presumably, some na'ka'leens have

 some proto-telepathic talent.

The Centauri lost an entire colony to them before a very strict quarantine was placed on the planet of their origin. Unfortunately, over time, bureaucratic blundering caused the quarantine enforcement to be abandoned due to lack of funding.

 In 2258, a small-time gangster on Babylon 5, named Deuce, used a feeder in a Vorlon encounter suit to intimidate people into believing Kosh worked for him. The feeder was eventually destroyed by station security.


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