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Luxury Liner

Model: Barfingle Luxury Liner

Length:  150 m

Drive System: Beigle-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engine

Jump Point Capable: No

Cargo Space: 7500 metric tons

Crew:  125

Passengers:  300

Luxury liner Asimov under escort

Aramament:  4 Standard Particle Beams

 Since owning a starship is too expensive for the general, travel is usually through long-range shuttle service or the more comfortable cruise liners. Unlike the Teskan-class transports and others, these liners provide a gravity positive environment for its passengers. Typical procedure is to rotate the passenger section to simulate the gravity of the embarkation point and then slow or sped up rotation to match the destination's gravity during the course of the voyage.

 Crews are mostly civilian, though many companies prefer those with Earthforce experience (retired or discharged) to command their ships.

 Known Luxury Liners:

  • Asimov - The Asimov's travel route takes it to Earth , Mars, and Babylon 5 . In 2258, the Asimov lost its nav computer and comm center. Stranded in Raider territory, the liner was saved by a starfury squadron launched from Babylon 5.
  • Cygnus - Owned by Walt Disney Co. One of two liners that run luxury service to and from Disneyplanet® The Cygnus travels to Vega, Brakos, Zhaban, Sh'Lekk'Tha, and Centauri Prime.
  • Fantasia - Owned by Walt Disney Co. One of two liners that run luxury service to and from DisneyPlanet® The Fantasia travels to Earth, Proxima, and Orion, with occasional stops at Dakota, Epsilon, and Cooke.

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