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Atmospheric Shuttle

Model: Karmatech RE/STV-224 Kestral-class Atmospheric Shuttle

Hull Displacement: 112 metric tons

Cargo Capacity: 10 metric tons

Drive System:  Three Ion Engines. The atmospheric shuttle is 4 times as fast (in  space) as the spacebound EA crew shuttle.

Jump Capable: No

Atmospheric Shuttle ascending from Corlax IX

Crew:  3

Armament:  None

 The Kestral-class shuttle has been in use for decades. Its basic design is far older, reflecting the silhouette of the 20th century NASA/ESA Space Shuttle II. Its primary use is to ferry passengers from a planet's surface to an orbital destination. The Kestral can also be used for interstellar flight, provided there are jumpgates available, although its range is very limited.


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