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The Last Great War:

Enter the Vorlons

2260 C.E.

Battle in Brakiri Space

 After the loss of their "weapons components," the Shadows began to attack openly. Their attacks were centered on the Rim, hitting the minor powers and some League nations. The Shadow forces jump into an area, destroy everything there and leave; never bothering to secure the area. Their attacks appeared to be random and senseless, spreading fear and disorder among the helpless and powerful alike.

 Unable to hold the Army of Light together without a display of power, Captain Sheridan confronted Kosh about the Vorlon's lack of involvement in the Great War. Eventually the Vorlons committed to an attack.

 The battle was brief. A small Vorlon fleet emerged from hyperspace (via jump point) in Brakiri Space. The Shadow forces were regrouping after a successful attack on the Brakiri forces. All Shadow vessels were destroyed, with the Vorlons taking no casualties -- except for one.

 In retribution for the attack, the Shadows broke into Kosh Neranek's quarters on Babylon 5 and tore him to pieces.

Vorlon forces ambush a Shadow fleet in Brakiri space.

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