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Earth Alliance Crew Shuttle

Model: Mitchell-Hyundyne STG-19 Insystem Shuttle

Maximum Linear Thrust: .25 km/s

Cargo Capacity: 40 metric tons or 16 additional passenger seats

Crew:  2

Crew Shuttle docking with Babylon 5

Passengers: 8

Armament:  None

 The crew shuttle is the mainstay of civilian and military stellar transportation. Its standardized modularity allows it to be mass produced and one of the few cost-effective starships within the Alliance. Of course, you get what you pay for: the crew shuttle is extremely slow, barely maneuverable and carries no weapons. As it is, the shuttle has generous cargo bays and carries enough life support for a four day journey in real or hyperspace.

 Fortunately, several megacorporations produce "modification kits" for the shuttle. These kits can be installed by the owner or by mechanics for hire at any starport. The more popular conversions allow the crew shuttles to land on planets, increase maneuverability, add much needed defensive weapon systems, and specialty cargo

Crew Shuttle with surface landing modifications

 conversions which removes the passenger areas with temperature and atmosphere controlled storage bays. There have even been a few full-out conversions of the crew shuttle into a pleasure yacht. While not typically desired by the mega-wealthy, the popularity of luxury crew shuttles has been somewhat on the rise after MeGal Pleasure Systems presented Centauri Emperor Turhan with their top-of-the-line conversion (painted Centauri Imperial purple, of course).


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