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The Last Great War:

Courting Chaos

2260 C.E.

Foil at Ganymede | Privateering Actions

Foil at Ganymede

 Interplanetary Expeditions uncovered another Shadow Battlecruiser buried in the ice on Ganymede. Hoping to capture the ship before it was collected, IPX planted their own pilot into the ship. Not properly prepared, the ship was insane. Being forewarned of this event, the crew of the White Star travelled to the Sol System to stop them. Too late to halt the activation of the ship, Captain Sheridan outwitted the enraged ship, causing it to plummet  into the superheated depths of Jupiter's atmosphere.

Even a

Privateering Actions

Hated Psi Cop Alfred Bester arrived on Babylon 5 bearing news that would hurt the Shadows. After initial skepticism, he revealed that a weapons shipment from Earth to Z'ha'dum would be travelling through Sector 500. That shipment contained over one hundred "Blips" to be used as central processing units for the Shadow's battlecruisers. The White Star successfully destroyed the cargo vessel's fighter escourt of six and captured the freighter, denying the Shadows a potential defense against telepathic scrambling of their ships.


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