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Centauri Prime

Type:  Terrestrial Homeworld

Position: (Zeta Tucanae: 23.13 ly from Earth) 25 standard hyperspace hours/75 Centauri light years from Babylon 5

Local Star Type: G2 - Yellow

Moons:  2*

Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen

Hydrosphere: 82% surface area

Gravity: Standard

Population: 3 billion

 There are very few major land masses on the planet, with an abundance of small islands. Large cities cover much of the available landmass of the planet in addition to extensive marine habitats. One of the greatest attractions is the Emperor's Palace in the capital and the fifty-one temples and shrines adjoining it.

 Centauri Prime is one of the rare planets to evolve two distinct sentient species. Each were separated by vast oceans. When both sides developed the technology for extended sea voyages and discovered each other's existence, war was declared. The humanoid Centauri won, and the Xon were exterminated. The Centauri quickly outgrew their homeworld and established themselves as a galactic power: founding colonies and subjugating  "lessor" races.

After the Shadow War, several of the Shadow's minions descended upon Centauri Prime. Their first move of revenge was to give the Regent a Keeper. Upon the Regentís death, Londo Mollari became the second Mollari to rule the great Centauri Republic. Unfortunately it was to oversee the destruction of Centauri Prime. Between Narn attacks, former Shadow minions, and inaction from the Interstellar Alliance, Centauri Prime became a shattered world. By 2278, Emperor Mollari is found dead clutching his enemy/bodyguard around the throat.  It is hoped that the new Emperor will somehow save Centauri Prime.


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