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The Last Great War:

By Fire and Mind

2260 C.E.

Mind over Matter

 After the successful assault on Shadow forces in Drazi space, the Army of Light began a heavy campaign of enlisting telepaths. Unfortunately, most telepaths, when they knew the nature of the work, quit immediately. Minbari telepaths were readily available as they were bound by honor to serve any need they were called to do. Additional telepaths were garnered from the Underground Railroad, an organization designed to help human telepaths escape Psi Corps.

 By December the assembled telepaths were transported throughout the Army of Light's forces. Unable to supply warships, the Narn volunteered to provide personal bodyguards to the telepaths to insure their safety.

With the Army assembled, all they needed was a target.

83 Skidoo

A breakthrough in the Shadow’s seemingly random attack was made.  Rather than random attacks, the Shadows were herding refugees into a central area where they could be slaughtered with no resistance.  That area was Sector 83. A scoutforce was sent to confirm the analysis while the main Army of Light Fleet waited in hyperspace. The premature discovery of the scout ship by the Shadow’s own scoutship began the battle.

The use of telepaths was quite effective. The refugees were saved and Shadows defeated, but at a very high cost.

For every one Shadow vessel downed, three Army of Light ships were destroyed.

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