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Berserker Probeships

Model: Berserker Probeship

Drive System: Gravimetric

Crew: none (automated)

Armament:  500,000 megaton bomb (self-destruct)

 These low-intelligence probes were sent out by the hundreds by an unknown race. They have no crew or weapons. Their seamless hull suggests they are (at least partially) organic ships. The probes are programmed to seek out intelligent life.

 Once a suitable subject is found, the probe transmits alphabet and language codes (in all possibility not even the tongue of the Berserkers). If the subject figures out the code within a set amount of time, the probe transmits a series of over 600 questions relating to physics, quantum mechanics, molecular biology, genetics, and other advanced sciences. In return for correct answers, the probe promises to give the subject cures for every known disease, improved jumpgate data and other advanced technology; if the subject fails to answer correctly, the probe will self-destruct with the force of 500 thousand megatons. The subjects have twenty-four hours to respond. Unknown to the victims, the probe will detonate if the correct answers are given, failure to answer will prompt the probe to move on to another target.

 In the event that the probe queries beings living on a planet, the blast is generally sufficient to wreak havoc with most incoming and outgoing communication systems (also further damaging the planet's ecosystem by throwing up a dust curtain) giving the Berserkers enough time to send more probeships and finish the job.


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