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Badger-class Starfury

Model: Earthforce SA-25 Mitchell-Hyundyne Badger-class Starfury

Drive System:

Crew:  1 Pilot and 1 Radar Intercept Officer (RIO)

The Badger is a heavily armored fighter with cockpits facing fore and aft.  Its armaments include missiles and heavy pulse cannons (foreward guns are fixed, while the rear gunner operates a turret). It has twice the life support and fuel capacy of a standard Aurora

The RIO is seated behind the pilot facing the rear of the ship (commonly called the “Puke Position”).   While the RIO has control of the rear turret, most of the RIO’s time is spent manning the sensors, communications, and ship diagnostics systems.

The major drawback of the Badger is that it requires a special docking rack and that two pilots are required to fly the starfury..


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