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The Last Great War:

Armageddon Averted

2261 C.E.

Following the Army of Light’s success in sector 83, the commander-in-chief decided to travel to Z’ha’dum with his “ex-wfe” to hear the Shadow’s side of the conflict. Knowing it was a trap he had his White Star outfitted with two nuclear devices (to insure at least one went off). While on Z’ha’dum it was made clear that either he joined with the Shadows or Babylon 5 would be destroyed. He declined. 

Meanwhile Shadow ships swarmed around Babylon 5.  The small starfury contingent went out to meet the invaders was led by Michael Garibaldi. After Sheridan’s denial, the Shadows ship left the station -- taking Garibaldi with them.  Sheridan in the meantime was running for his life down alien corridors, ultimately being trapped on a balcony overlooking the Shadow Capital City.  Knowing there was no surrender or retreat he ordered the White Star to do a suicide dive into the heart of the city. Sheridan jumped off the balcony and into a deep abyss adjoining the city.

With their leader dead and another potential leader missing, the Army of Light was plunged in disarray. Commader Ivanova was increasingly despondent, as was Entl’zha Delenn, over the apparent death of Sheridan (not many people cared about Garibaldi’s fate). Per Delenn’s order, the Army of Light would array its forces one final time on a direct assault on the Shadow homeworld. Many opposed this.  During one rally in opposition to her hopeless plan, the resurrected Sheridan (and Lorien) appeared,

With hope restored, the Army of Light was bound together once more in time to face the Vorlon Madness.  When Sheridan destroyed the Shadow Capital, it was an unprecedented move in the First One Game.  The Vorlons were the first to take advantage.  Worlds that had contact with the Shadows (either willingly or unwillingly) were marked for destruction.  The Shadows soon did the same to Vorlon sympathetic planets.  As the death count grew the Army of Light decided to move.  It was learned the bronze-age world of Coriana 6 was slated for demolition.  It would be there that the younger races would face the First Ones for perhaps the last time.  As a back up plan, other First Ones not associated with the conflict were enlisted to assist the younger races.

Thousands of vessels gathered together under Sheridan’s banner.  Thousands more opposed him. Ship after ship exploded. But in the end, all it took was telling the Vorlons and Shadows to take off; the younger races can take care of themselves.


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