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Anna Sheridan

"Love knows no borders."

Species: Human

Sex:  Female

Homeworld: Earth

Date of Death: 2257 C.E. / December 2260 C.E.

Profession: Xenoarchaeologist

[Anna Sheridan]

 Youthfully impulsive and full of life, Anna Sheridan fearlessly explored the unknown. Through her longtime friend Elizabeth Sheridan, she met her future husband, John Sheridan, an Earth Force officer. Even though their schedules even then rarely crossed, love blossomed.

 Anna became John Sheridan’s second wife in the ruins of Anara VII in 2249. At that time, the planetary alignment was such that the night sky was lit up with the double ring system of the planet, six planets and fifteen moons. To her, this place gave her a positive feeling of both the past and the future -- by declaring their love amidst the ruins of this alien civilization they were declaring more than love for just one another but a greater love of humanity, other worlds, and everything. They spent several days there for their honeymoon, even the dour Sheridan found Anna's enthusiasm infectious.

 Being married to a career military officer, she saw little of her new husband. Subspace communication kept them always in touch and always said "I love you" at the end. Perhaps it was this distance that allowed her to put up with John's terrible jokes. While John was on patrol in the Non-Aligned territories, she worked on several promising projects. None of which would equal the project she and Doctor Chang were working on.

 For their eighth wedding anniversary, she and John were to meet in space dock over Centauri Prime. Doctor Chang's two week survey mission went right through their plans. Being on the crew that confirms the existence of an ancient civilization that no one ever heard of was too good to pass up. Planning to beg off the rendezvous for a few more days, Anna contacted John, who was out on patrol in the Agamemnon. He begged the date off because he had military business swamping him, again. He never had the chance to say good bye, even forgot to tell her he loved her, as both of them were rushing past each other.

 Anna Sheridan died on Z'ha'dum in 2257.

It took John Sheridan two years before he could go through her effects.  While doing so, Michael Garibaldi reviewed the Icarus’ menifest and recognized on crew member that has regularly visited the station -- Morden. Sheridan had him incarcerated and interrogated until Ambassadors Delenn and Kosh disuaded him from doing so.  Even so, through Morden, the Shadows discovered an exploitable weakness of the captain.

Anna did not truly die on Z’ha’dum.  The Shadows’ Zener technicians outfitted her with a psi interface for her new role as a Battlecrab CPU.  Her ship was immediately recalled from duty when it was learned who she was.  Unfortunately, her time in the ship had shattered her psyche. It took several months to put her back together.

The new Anna arrived on Babylon 5 in 2260, promising to tell Captain Sheridan all about the Shadows only if he went with her to Z’ha’dum.  He did, even though he knew it was a trap.  But he went prepared.  Anna took him to meet the Shadow’s human spokesman, Justin.  Justin’s offer and then threats did not sway Sheridan who fought his way out of the Shadow Capital’s human quarter. Finding himself trapped on a parapet overlooking the Capital, with Anna creeping up on him, Sheridan activated the nuclear devices on board White Star Prime.  Anna Sheridan died a second time as the White Star crashed through the cavern’s roof and the nukes detonated.

[Played by Beth Toussaint / Melissa Gilbert]

[John & Anna Sheridan]

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