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Abrahamo Lincolni

"Abrahamo Lincolni? Are you kidding me? Since when is that a Centauri name?" - Commander Susan Ivanova, 2260

Species: Virtual Centauri

Sex:  Male

Homeworld: Centauri Prime

Date of Birth: 2202 C.E.

Profession: Bureaucrat for the Centauri Relocation Bureau

Religious Affiliation: Polytheist

 According to the records, Lincolni has been an excellent employee for the Greater Centauri Republic for the last twelve Earth years. He has Level One access which authorizes him to issue travel documentation abroad and on Centauri Prime for subjects of the Republic. Since the recapture of Narn, he has personally approved the transfer of over two thousand Narns to their doom at the request of the Centauri embassies on Minbar and Babylon 5. While no one can remember meeting him, Lincolni's work record is excellent and unquestioned.

 Unknown to everyone, Abrahamo Lincolni is not a real Centauri. He was first created by former Centauri ambassador to Minbar Vir Cotto in 2260 C.E. He used this virtual bureaucrat to expedite the transfer of Narns from their Homeworld. Two thousand Narns (including females, children, local leaders, elders, and the wounded) were saved by being moved offworld to receive medical care and them transferred out of the Republic. Since no Centauri cares about dead Narns, all transferred Narns were declared dead. These transfers were discovered by the command staff of the newly independent state of Babylon 5. Unknowing of the truth, they confronted Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari about the transfer and deaths of the Narns. While Vir Cotto was demoted to ambassadorial attaché, Abrahamo Lincolni still existed in the Republic's data banks.

 Picking up where Vir left off, Commander Susan Ivanova augmented Lincolni's files and continued to use the virtual bureaucrat to save Narn lives.


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