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Postby tsian » Sat Jan 29, 2005 6:58 pm

whether or not demonstrating bias will prove to people it exists is one thing, but to do demonstrate that bias in a class where it isn't relevant is something else, entirely. i mean, the attendees of the engineering class that Charles mentioned weren't paying all the money that they were to here a professor spout on about something - they're paying money to be taught. if the professor wants to talk about afgahnistan he simply ought not do it on the students time, imho.

I was thinking more in terms of where it is relevant, IE poli-sci classes... Now I have a couple teachers that are good at hiding their bias, and probably don't let it influence their teaching. I also havea couple of teachers who are honest about their worldviews... this doesn't mean that they don't cover, in depth, oppposing views... it just means that the students realize the frame of mind the teacher is teaching from. This is important.

I do agree that, in general, teachers probably shouldn't be spouting off about Iraqi elections in a Biochemistry class.

i also agree with denise - that you're not in the best position to disagree with professors when they spout off like that.

*GAH* Thats another thing students need to learn -- That they are perfectly able to disagree with their professors. I know one of my professor's biases in particular *becase* I was willing to have discussions with her (and occasionally disagree with her).. therefore she realized that reavealing her bias to me would not cause me to all of a sudden adopt it as fact.
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