Altogether best DnD character build?

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Postby BattleFrost » Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:14 pm

THis might not be the best character but a realy good one for begginging levels. Have you heared of the golden monk?
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Postby Evlfrost » Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:14 pm

Nope, what does it do?
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Postby WRB » Sun Dec 05, 2004 6:21 am

Just to interject, but in my humble opinion, Ireally think that a plain out fighter has incredable variaty to it...With the amount of feats available to it, it can get enough bonuses to a weapon to pretty much squish anything that gets in the way... Really, the fighter can do anything, barring spells.... Not to mention the better hit points, and good attack modifire at the start...
Now, dont get me wrong, this is intirely biased, but its based on use. I've tried wizards, and they havent worked out well. They never have enough spells, and end up having to stand in the back for a bit while someone else kils the rest, and if there arent enough of those other front liners, it usually results in the squishing of the poor mage...
Clerics really have a decent amount of use to them, what with thier healing powers, and the ability to switch it to negative energy, but have the same problem with limited spells.
Monks really are decent at higher levels compaired to lower levels, but by the time you get to those higher levels, everything you're fighting is super powerful as well, and you dont have the great base attack bonus...Really, they are great for fighting mobs of itty-bitty things that have low-ac and low-hp. But they usually will have a harder time fighting off things of "equal" power, because the way thier benifits are based on differant abilities, to get good use out f all of them you'd have to have high-scores in everything, so you ether have really great ac, but cant take more than two hits, or something like that.
And finally, after my unproductive rabling, I'd just like to point out that for fighters, rangers, palidins, and barbarians, they get two attacks (with anything) at sixth level. Rogues, clerics, druids, and monks get a second attack at 8th... and just for referance (i have the players handbook handy) there isnt a skill called disipine in "regualr" DnD.
Is there aything else that I can pick at? hmm....Oh, one thing..when you (nerro) say "I can kill a 7th level orc with only ten of that damage," what do you mean?
Heh, just as nastalgia(sp?), in the campain with nimrod, didnt I have a charicter with that ultra-powerful..what was it, a head band? That campain was alot of fun...
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Postby OmegaFrost » Sun Dec 05, 2004 4:11 pm

Epic level telepath, that way if you cant do something you can find someone who can and make THEM do it. :)

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Re: Altogether best DnD character build?

Postby searlefm » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:28 pm

you all have sone good idears but i have a better out that i am curently using in me latest campain CRITICAL 1!!!!!
the bases is simpal all you need is a level 2 fighter
a rapier and hi dex and int
first get inproved criticak
critical momental
presise strike
and inproved presise strike
the ripire has 18-20x2 range with inproved critical it has 14-20x3
critical momentem means you add 1 and your dex mod to your critical range i have 18 dex that gives a an increse of 5 to my critical range as i chose to be a human ghoul i get +2 dex at level 2 so thats a +6
and presise strike gives you +1 and you int mod so anothere 5 (i put my hiest roles on dex and int 18 on both)
inproved presise strike ganes you anothere 3
if you get combat reflex you can get anothere turn when you critical
so now all you have the do is invest in you use of rapiers and tell you dm that it was an acedent and you never ment to hog all the exp and be that over powerd

P.S i nerly forgot you need combat fitness so you use dex insted of strenth and when you critical you use you dex not dex mod when usinf thiss combo
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